Anampses viridis Valenciennes, 1840

Mauritius green wrasse



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Anampses rubroviridis Liénard, 1891; Anampses viridus Valenciennes, 1840


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym)?

Last record: before 1840

IUCN RedList status: Data Deficient


Nothing is known about the Mauritius green wrasse (Anampses viridis) except those facts which have been adduced from examining the preserved specimen. Therefore the reason/s for its presumed extinction can only be guessed, as can the extinction timeline. However, this species may be a synonym of A. caeruleopunctatus (Russell & Craig, 2013).





Biology & Ecology




Lectotype: MNHN A-8244


Paralectotype: MNHN A-8243


According to (Cabanban & Pollard, 2010) Anampses viridis is only known from the type specimen (i.e. holotype). But this seems to be an error.






Original scientific description:

Cuvier, G. and Valenciennes, A. (1840). Histoire naturelle des poissons. Tome quatorzième. Suite du livre seizième. Labroïdes. Livre dix-septième. Des Malacoptérygiens. 14: i-xxii + 2 pp. + 1-464 + 4 pp., Pls. 389-420.


Other references:

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