Alburnus danubicus Antipa, 1909

Danube shemaya



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Alburnus chalcoides danubicus Antipa, 1909


Conservation Status


Last record: 1943


Apparently only two collections were made of this species, some 34 years apart (Antipa, 1909) and (Drensky, 1943). The reason or reasons for its presumed extinction are unknown.



Bulgaria and Romania


Biology & Ecology







A photograph of a preserved specimen can be seen here:



Original scientific description:

Antipa, G. (1909). Fauna ihtiologicâ a României. Publicatiuniule fondului Vasilie Adamachi, Academia Româna, Bucureşti, 294 pp.

Other references:

Drensky, P. (1943). Chalcalburnus chalcoides Güld. I. v. 31: 343-360. In Bulgarian with German summary. [incomplete citation]

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