Acanthametropus pecatonica (Burks, 1953)

Pecatonica River mayfly



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Metreturus pecatonica Burks, 1953 (original combination); Acanthometropus pecatonica (Burks, 1953) [orth. error]


Conservation Status


Last record: June 1986 or later

IUCN RedList status: Extinct


The IUCN Redlist facsheet for this species conspicuously leaves out the species authority (World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 1996). However, the species authority is apparently Burks, 1953 (J. Gerlach pers. comm.), and this is seemingly confirmed by several papers which do give the species authority. The species was rediscovered in June 1986 when two "nearly mature nymphs" were collected (Lillie et al. 1987). And a further two specimens, captured in June 1991 from different rivers and from different stages of the lifecycle, were reported in the literature in 1992 (Lillie, 1992).

However, the current status of the species is unknown, and given this uncertainty the Pecatonica River mayfly ([i]Acanthometropus pecatonica[/i]) is provisionally listed in the missing species database, and not the rediscovered species database as others believe. However, given its wide area of geographical distribution, there is no reason to suppose that all known (and unknown) populations have gone extinct within the last 20-30 years.



Illinois (Sugar and Pecatonica Rivers) and Wisconsin (Black and Chippewa Rivers), USA






Type locality: Sugar river, Illinois (McCafferty, 1991).






Original scientific description:

Burks, B. D. (1953). The mayflies, or Ephemeroptera, of Illinois. Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey 26: 1-216.


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