This website is currently almost exclusively self-funded, aside from the odd small donation received from time to time, for which we are extremely grateful. And while our normal costs are not very significant, amounting to roughly $167.80 in order to keep the website running each year, other expenses arise in the course of our research. The purchase of books and other literature not freely available on the internet allows us to bring more content to you than we otherwise would be able to simply by representing the sum total of information to be found on the internet.

While we are a non-profit endeavour, we have no tax status, and as such all donations are not tax deductible. However, we can promise that all funds will be used in a professional and economic manner. As you can see from our website we are as passionate about studying conservation and extinction as you are. We take our role very seriously as we attempt to make a significant and lasting contribution to conservation biology. We hope that you will continue to join us on this journey, which certainly does not obligate you to donate, so that we may all benefit from our increased knowledge.



The REPAD team