Megalapteryx benhami Archey, 1941

Benham's moa, Benham's megalapteryx



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

A synonym of Megalapteryx didinus?


Conservation Status

Last record: subfossil



South Island, New Zealand


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Archey, G. (1941). The moa - a study of the Dinornithiformes. Bulletin of the Auckland Institute and Museum 1: 1-119.


Other references:

Baker, Allan J. et al. (2005). Reconstructing the tempo and mode of evolution in an extinct clade of birds with ancient DNA: The giant moas of New Zealand. PNAS 102(23): 8257-8262.

Worthy, Trevor H. (1988). A re-examination of the moa genus Megalapteryx. Notornis 35(2): 99-108.


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