Family: Commelinaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Belosynapsis vivipara (Dalzell) C.E.C.Fisch.   (rediscovered) Maharashtra, India Rediscovered Access
Commelina blaini (C.Wright) Woodson   ? Cuba Missing? Access
Commelina dielsii Herter, 1940   (rediscovered) Argentina & Uruguay Rediscovered Access
Dichorisandra picta G.Lodd.   (rediscovered) Brazil Rediscovered Access
Sauvallia blainii C.Wright ex Hassk.   ? Cuba Extinct Access
Tradescantia valida G.Brückn., 1932   (rediscovered) Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Rediscovered Access
Triceratella drummondii Brenan   (rediscovered) Mozambique & Zimbabwe Rediscovered Access


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