Racilius compressus Paulson, 1875



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Rediscovered in 1957 or earlier (Barnard, 1957)





Biology & Ecology




USNM 222981






Original scientific description:

Paulson, O. (1875). Studies on Crustacea of the Red Sea with notes regarding other seas. Part 1 Podophthalmata and Edriophthalmata (Cumacea). [Izsliedovaniia rakoobraznykh Krasnago Moria, s zamietkami otnositelno rakoobraznych drugikh morei. Chast I.: Podophthalmata i Edriophthalmata (Cumacea.)]. Kiev,Tipografiia S.V. Kulzhenko,1875. i-xiv, 1-144, pls. 1-22 [in Russian].


Other references:

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WoRMS (2022). Racilius compressus Paulson, 1875. Accessed at: on 2022-08-13


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