Lightiella serendipita Jones, 1961

San Francisco horseshoe shrimp



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Unidentified crustacean Jones, 1954:59,83; Unidenitifed cephalocarid Jones & Hand, 1956:41-42; Unidenitifed cephalocarid Jones, 1961b:267,288,314,317


The synonymy follows that of (Jones, 1961a).


Conservation Status

Last record: 1988

Rediscoverd in 2017



San Francisco Bay, Brooks Island, California, USA

Type locality: "Approximately 100 yards northwest of the Point Richmond shoreline, San Francisco Bay, California, muddy sand bottom, about three feet below mean lower low water (Long. 122° 23' 25" W., Lat. 37° 54' 46" N.)" (Jones, 1961a:33)


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: AMNH 11892 (adult) (Jones, 1961a:33)



AMNH 11893 (Jones, 1961a:33)

AMNH 11894 (Jones, 1961a:33)

AMNH 11895 (Jones, 1961a:33)






Original scientific description:

Jones, Meredith L. (1961a). Lightiella serendipita gen. nov., sp. nov., a Cephalocarid from San Francisco Bay, California. Crustaceana 3(1): 31-46. [Abstract]


Other references:

Garcia, Crystal et al. (2020). Rediscovery of the horseshoe shrimp Lightiella serendipita Jones, 1961 (Cephalocarida: Hutchinsoniellidae) in San Francisco Bay, California, USA, with a key to the worldwide species of Cephalocarida. Journal of Crustacean Biology 40(5): 600-606.

Jones, Meredith L. (1954). Part 1. In: Richmond Shoreline Survey. Report of the California Department of Fish and Game, Project No. 54-2-3, to the California Regional Water Pollution Control Board No. 2: 1-84.

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WoRMS. (2023). Lightiella serendipita Jones, 1961. Accessed at: on 2023-03-11


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