Hawaiodillo perkinsi (Dollfus, 1900:522)

Perkins' Hawaiian woodlouse



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Armadillo perkinsi Dollfus, 1900:522 (original combination)


Conservation Status


Last record: 1894 or 21-22 July 1937 (Taiti & Howarth, 1996)


Known with certainty only from the holotype collected on the volcano of Haleakala on the island Maui in 1894, but four possible specimens collected on 21-22 July 1937 on Kauai may refer to this species as well ("Hawaiodillo cf. perkinsi") (Taiti & Howarth, 1996).



Haleakala, Maui (& Kauai?), Hawaiian Islands, USA


Known with certainty only from Maui, a few specimens of a taxon potentially identical with H. perkinsi were collected on Kauai in 1937 (Taiti & Howarth, 1996).


Biology & Ecology

Nothing is known of the biology of this genus (Taiti & Howarth, 1996).



Only known from the holotype (Taiti & Howarth, 1996). Four further specimens may exist (Taiti & Howarth, 1996).






Original scientific description:

Dollfus, F. J. A. (1900). Crustacea Isopoda. In: David Sharp (Editor). Fauna Hawaiiensis or The Zoology of the Sandwich (Hawaiian) Isles: being results of the explorations instituted by the Joint Committee appointed by British Association for the Advancement of Science and carried on with the assistance of those bodies and of the Trustees of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum at Honolulu 2(5): 521-526.


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