Haliplus nitens LeConte, 1850

Disjunct crawling water beetle



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: 1932 (Ashbee et al., 2017)



Canada (& Texas?)


The distribution of this species is unclear. An extended quote from (Ashbee et al., 2017) best sums up the current state of knowledge:

"Brigham (1983) attempted to solve the mystery by closely examining all available specimens. The only specimens he did not consider to be misidentified H. canadensis specimens were the original type series from the north shore of Lake Superior, and two females from Shovel Mt., Texas. Such a broad and scattered distribution is suspect, and Brigham noted that mislabeling of the Texas specimens could not be ruled out. If the Texas specimens are valid then this suggests that either H. nitens is widely distributed, and extremely rare, or that it is extirpated from most of its range, and possibly extinct.

A series of University of Manitoba specimens determined to be H. nitens by S.O. Swadener were collected in Alklavik, NWT, Canada in 1932. This is the most recent collection record of the species, and the only one since 1913. One of these specimens is pictured here."


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

LeConte, J. L. (1850). General remarks upon the Coleoptera of Lake Superior. In: Lake Superior: Its physical character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other and similar regions. Edited by Agassiz, L. and Cabot, J.E. Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Pp. 201-242.


Other references:

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