Castiarina insculpta Carter, 1934

Miena jewel beetle



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Stigmodera insculpta Carter, 1934


Conservation Status

Last Record: 1965

Rediscovered on 14 February 2004 (Smith et al., 2014)


The Miena jewel beetle was originally described from a single specimen (the "holotype") collected in 1920 by Critchley Parker (Carter, 1934). A second specimen was collected in 1965, but several surveys since the 1980's had failed to locate any more specimens and it was believed to be extinct (Bryant & Jackson, 1999). It was finally rediscovered in February 2004 when two specimens were collected within several days (Smith et al. 2004). Another specimen was apparently found in 2008. With another found at the bottom of a boat in 2010 (Tabor & Bowden, 2010).

A field trip by the Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club on 29 January 2012 failed to locate any specimens but did find a male and female of the equally rare Castiarina rudis (Bonham, 2012). However, during the summer of 2012-13 over 100 hundred individuals consisting of both sexes were found at several localities and included range extensions (Bonham et al., 2013). The host plant was thus established as Ozothamnus hookeri (Ibid.), whose expansion has been credited as the reason for the species' sudden abundance (Spencer & Richards, 2014)



Central Plateau, Tasmania, Australia


Biology & Ecology



BMNH (Accession #?) Collected in 1920 by Critchley Parker

SAM (Accession #?) Collected in 1965 by an unknown person

QVM:12:39824 Found by Bill Thompson on February 14, 2004

QVM:12: 43984 Collected by John Stagg in February, 2004

Unaccessioned Photographed by Nuytsia@Tas on March 15, 2008






Original scientific description:

Carter, H. J. (1934). Australian and New Guinea Coleoptera. Notes and new species. No. III. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 598: 252-269.


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