Ascetoderes strigatus (Arrow in Waterhouse et al., 1900:94)

Banded dry bark beetle



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

 Synonym/s: Bothrideres strigatus Arrow, 1900:94; Aeschyntelus strigatus (Arrow, 1900:94)


Apart from the superseded basionym Bothrideres strigatus, James et al. (2019) list Aeschyntelus strigatus as a synonym of Ascetoderes strigatus but I cannot find who introduced the combination Aeschyntelus strigatus in the first place.


Conservation Status


Last record: 1897-1898 (James et al., 2019); between 1897 and 1902 (Woinarski, 2018:91)



Christmas Island, Australia


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Arrow, Gilbert John in: Waterhouse, Charles Owen, Gahan, Charles Joseph and Arrow, Gilbert John. (1900). Order 4 – Coleoptera, pp. 89-127. In: Andrews, Charles W. (ed.). A Monograph of Christmas Island (Indian Ocean), Physical Features and Geology, S. 95-96.


Other references:

James, D., Green, P., Humphreys, W. and Woinarski, J. C. Z. (2019). Endemic species of Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Records of the Western Australian Museum 34(2): 55-114.

Woinarski, John C. Z. (2018). A Bat's End: The Christmas Island Pipistrelle and Extinction in Australia. Clayton South, Victoria: CSIRO Publishing. [p. 91]


May also be a relevant reference:

Ślipiński, Stanisław Adam, Pope, R. D. and Aldridge, R. J. W. (1989). A review of the world Bothriderini (Coleoptera,Bothrideridae). Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 59: 131-202.


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