Anchonocranus oleae Marshall, 1912


Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Rediscovered according to (Caleca et al., 2019; Giacalone & Allsopp, 2019), but disputed by (Smit et al., 2022)



South Africa


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Marshall, G. A. K. (1912). On a new species of Curculionidae injurious to olives in South Africa. Bollettino del Laboratorio di Zoologia Generale e Agraria della R. Scuola Superiore d’Agricoltura in Portici 6: 3-4.


Other references:

Caleca, Virgilio et al. (2019). Wild olive seed weevil in South Africa, Anchonocranus oleae Marshall (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a rediscovery after a century. Integrated Protection of Olive Crops IOBC-WPRS Bulletin 141: 132-136.

Giacalone, Christian and Allsopp, Elleunorah. (2019). Lost and found: Anchonocranus oleae rediscovered after a century. Rostrum 98: 4-5.

Silvestri, F. 1915. Contributo alla conoscenza degli insetti dell’olivo dell’Eritrea e dell’Africa meridionale. Bollettino del Laboratorio di Zoologia Generale e Agraria della Reale Scuola Superiore d’Agricoltura, Portici 9: 240-334.

Smit, Samuel J. et al. (2022). Mitogenomics of the Olive Seed Weevil, Anchonocranus oleae Marshall and Implications for Its Phylogenetic Position in Curculionidae. Insects 13: 607.


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