Edwardsia ivelli Manuel, 1975:705

Ivell's sea anenome, Ivell's sea-anemone



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Named after Professor Richard Ivell (Manuel, 1975:710).


Conservation Status

Missing (Macadam, 2022)

Last record: 1983 (Macadam, 2022)

IUCN RedList status: Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct)


Distribution & Habitat

Widewater Lagoon, West Sussex, England


Widewater Lagoon is brackish and is separated from the marine environment by a manmade shingle (ridge) beach, with a layer of impervious clay preventing sea water seepage (Manuel, 1975:705). The salt content of the lagoon varies considerably from winter to summer, making the species euryhaline (i.e. able to handle significant changes in salt content) (Manuel, 1975:705). As most if not all other Edwardsia are marine species, and it is known to withstand considerable changes in salt levels, it is a distinct possibility that it occurs in the wider marine environment of West Sussex or elsewhere in England.


Biology & Ecology

The salt content of the lagoon varies considerably from winter to summer, making the species euryhaline (i.e. able to handle significant changes in salt content) (Manuel, 1975:705). 



Holotype: OUM 12028 (Manuel, 1975:709)

Paratypes: OUM 12029 (n=2) (Manuel, 1975:709)






Original scientific description:

Manuel, Richard L. (1975). A new sea-anemone from a brackish lagoon in Sussex, Edwardsia ivelli, sp. nov. Journal of Natural History 9(6): 705-711.


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