Urolophus javanicus (Martens, 1864)

Java stingaree



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Trygonoptera javanica Martens, 1864 (protonym)


Conservation Status

Extinct (Constance et al., 2023)

Last (and only) record: July 1862 (Constance et al., 2023)

IUCN RedList assessment: Extinct


Only known from the holotype collected from a fish market in Jakarta, Indonesia in July 1862 (Constance et al., 2023).



Java, Indonesia


Biology & Ecology




Holotype only






Original scientific description:

Martens, Eduard von (1864). Über eine neue Art von Rochen, Trygonoptera javanica. Monatsberichte der Akademie der Wissenschaft zu Berlin. 1864: 260-264.

Other references:

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