Rhinolophus adami Aellen & Brosset, 1968:443

Adam's horseshoe bat



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 1968 or before

IUCN status: Data Deficient


This species remains known only from the original type series collected from Kimanika cave, Kouilou, DR Congo sometime in or before 1968 (Jacobs et al. 2008). However, no immediate threats to the survival of this species are thought to exist in spite of the lack of recent records. However, even though it most probably still persists in numbers approaching those which historically existed, a lack of recent sightings places it in the category "missing", and hence it deserves inclusion in this database until it has been relocated (as opposed to rediscovered since there is no real threat to its existence, so far as we know).



Kouilou, Democratic Republic of Congo






Type locality: "Kimanika cave, Kouilou, in the Republic of Congo".






Kock, D., G. Csorba, and K. M. Howell. 2000. Rhinolophus maendeleo n. sp. from Tanzania, a horseshoe bat noteworthy for its systematics and biogeography (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Rhinolophidae). Senkenbergiana Biologica, 80:233-239.

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