Pteropus tokudae Tate, 1934:1

Guam fruit bat, Guam flying(-)fox, Little Marianas fruit bat, Tokuda's fruit bat, Tokuda's flying fox, Fanihi (local Chamorro name)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: March 1967 (Perez, 1973) or 5 June 1968 (Wiles, 1987:154) (collection); 1968 (Bonaccorso et al., 2020); 1974 (Wiles, 1987; Fisher & Blomberg, 2012; Lee et al., 2017); 1979 (Flannery, 1995:293 (citing Wiles, 1987)) or late 1970's (Bonaccorso et al., 2020) (possible sighting)

IUCN RedList status: Extinct


Two specimens, both males (one adult, one age unknown) were collected by W. F. Coultas on 10 August, 1931. These are the only known specimens collected prior to the species' description. A third specimen (a female) was shot and killed by hunters (an accompanying large juvenile managed to escape) either in March 1967 (Perez, 1973) or on 5 June 1968 (Wiles, 1987:154). An unconfirmed report from 1974 exists (Wiles, 1987).



Guam, Marianas Islands (=Marianne Islands) (southern), USA






Holotype: AMNH 87117 (adult male, skin and skull) (Buden et al. 2013)

Type locality: Guam


AMNH 87118 (male (age unknown), skin and skull) (Buden et al. 2013)


Other specimens

AMNH 256558 (skull only) (Buden et al. 2013, see Notes)






Original scientific description:

Tate, George Henry Hamilton. (1934). Bats from the Pacific Islands, including a new fruit bat from Guam. American Museum Novitates 713: 1-3.


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