Boryptera alba Brial, 2001

Bory's white bat



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

A hypothetical species

Last record: 1804 or before


A hypothetical species based upon a description by Bory de St Vincent (1804). He spoke of an all-white bat which slept during the day in an endemic palm species (Latania lontaroides), though he tells us that he failed to catch any. As this description cannot be referred to any known species which inhabits Réunion, it must either represent a now extinct form, or a taxa still present on the island but which has evaded capture for more than 200 years. Until proof of the continued existence of this taxa is obtained it must be considered extinct, given the circumstances.

Though this species has been scientifically described (Brial, 2001), due to the lack of any examinable specimens (hypodigm) it's placement at higher taxonomic ranks remains indeterminable, at least until subfossil material is found.



Réunion, Mascarene Islands






No specimens exist, or did exist, in museum collections as this species is inferred from an eye witness account.






Original scientific description:

Brial, P. (2001). Une espèce inconnue de microchiroptère observée par Bory de Saint-Vincent à l'île de la Réunion en 1801. Bull. Soc. Geog. Réunion 1: 5.


Other references:

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