Myotis rectidentis Choate & Hall, 1967

Straight-toothed myotis



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: c. 11,900 BC



New Mexico and Texas, USA






Holotype: SMU 61780 (left dentary)

Type locality: Laubach Cave (now Inner Space Caverns), Georgetown, Travis County, Texas, USA.






Original scientific description:

Choate, J. R. and E. R. Hall. (1967). Two new species of bats, genus Myotis, from a Pleistocene deposit in Texas. American Midland Naturalist 78: 531-534.


Other references:

Harris, A. H. 1989. The New Mexican late Wisconsin—east versus west. National Geographic Research 5:205-217.

Harris, Arthur H. (1993). Quaternary vertebrates of New Mexico, pp. 179-197. In: Vertebrate Paleontology in New Mexico, New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Bulletin 2:i-vii, 1-338.


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