Orsonwelles torosus (Simon, 1900:464)

Waimea sheet weaver



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Labulla torosa Simon, 1900:464


Hormiga (1994a:11) noted that Labulla torosa and L. graphica probably required a new genus. The species was transferred to the newly erected genus Orsonwelles by (Hormiga, 2002).


Conservation Status


Last record: 1890's (probably 1895) (Hormiga, 2002:391)


Failed attampts to find this species have been made by (Hormiga, 2002:391).



Kauai, Hawaiian Islands, USA


Biology & Ecology




Only known from an adult female syntype (1 of 3 original specimens) that was later designated a lectotype by (Hormiga, 2002:391). The other two syntypes, an adult male and a juvenile, have been re-identified as belonging to O. malus sp. nov. and sp. indet., respectively (Hormiga, 2002:391).






Original scientific description:

Simon, Eugène Louis. (1900). Arachnida. Fauna Hawaiiensis 2: 443-519.


Other references:

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