Nemesia arboricola Pocock, 1903

Maltese trap-door spider



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Rediscovered in the early 1990's (Kritscher, 1994)


Schembri (1989) stated that the species had not been recorded since Pocock's (1903) original description, and noted that the species was of questionable taxonomic status and endemicity. Baldacchino
et al. (1993) reported several specimens of Nemesia collected in 1974-76 that they identified as N. macrocephala. Kritscher (1994) collected several N. arboricola during 1990-92. At least some of the Baldacchino
et al. (1993) specimens were re-identified as N. arboricola by (Cassar et al., 2022).





Biology & Ecology

"Nemesia arboricola Pocock, 1903 excavates its burrows in various natural settings such as crevices between rocks and roots and pre-existing, soil filled cavities in rocks and tree trunks"

(Cassar et al., 2022)









Original scientific description:

Pocock, Reginald I. (1903). Descriptions of four new Arachnida of the orders Pedipalpi, Solifugae and Araneae. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7(11): 220-226.


Other references:

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