Vanellus macropterus Wagler, 1827:77

Javanese wattled lapwing, Javanese lapwing, Javan lapwing, Sunda plover



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Vanellus tricolor Horsfield, 1821:186; Rogibyx tricolor Mathews, 1913:41; Charadrius macropterus Wagler, 1827:77


Conservation Status


Last record: 1939; June 1940 (Butchart, 2005:44)

IUCN RedList status: Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct)


Unconfirmed reports of the Javan(ese) Lapwing from Sumatra and Timor, as well as from Java, may indicate that the species persists. However, given that its historical range was always confined to Java, the last of which was in 1940, these reports must be viewed with much skepticism. However, the possibility of falling for the Romeo Error should be motivation enough to take these reports seriously and to consider expanding the target area of any future expeditions to rediscover the species.



Java, Indonesia


Biology & Ecology




"The collection of the Javan Wattled Lapwing in the Leiden Museum is the largest in the world. The four mounted specimens, 35 skins, two skeletons and 15 eggs give a good picture of this species. Most specimens were collected by Max Bartels who, with the help of his hunters, collected 28 lapwings between 1907 and 1925."







Original scientific description:

Wagler, J. G. (1827). Systema avium. Stuttgartiae: Cottæ.


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