Burhinus nanus Brodkorb, 1959

New Providence double-striped thick-knee



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Burhinus bistriatus nanus Brodkorb, 1959


Originally described as a new species, it was relegated to subspecific status by (Olson & Hilgartner, 1982). However, it was most recenty treated as a full species by (Steadman & Franklin, 2020)


Conservation Status


Last record: Holocene (Steadman & Franklin, 2020:Table 3)



Abaco, Andros, Grand Turk, Long Island, Middle Caicos & New Providence, Bahamas


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: UF 3154






Original scientific description:

Brodkorb, Pierce. (1959). Pleistocene Birds from New Providence Island, Bahamas. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum, Biological Sciences 4(11): 349-371.


Other references:

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