Panthera tigris virgata (Illiger, 1815)

Caspian tiger, Hyrcanian tiger, Mazandaran tiger, Persian tiger, Turan tiger, Turanian tiger, Central Asian tiger, Turkestan tiger, Transoxiana tiger, Occidental tiger, Chinese Turkestan tiger (as lecoqi), Babr



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: septentrionalis (Satunin, 1904); trabata (Schwarz, 1916); lecoqi (Schwarz, 1916)


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym)

Last record: 1967 (Afghanistan); 1970's or 1980's?

IUCN RedList status: Extinct



Caspian Sea area


Biology & Ecology









Above: Berlin Zoo 1899.


Above: colourised photo of a Caspian tiger in the Berlin Zoo, c.1899. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


Above: Caspian tiger killed in Northern Iran, early 1940s. Source: Wikimedia Commons.



Original scientific description:

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