Panthera tigris bintana Kirk, 1994 (nomen nudum)

Bintana tiger



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

A subspecies described in the absence of actual material. It is thus considered a nomen nudum:

"Notes: Kirk (1994) gave the name P. t. bintana to the tiger of Pulau Bintan, relying on an old record from Dammermann. Kock (1995) noted that Kirk’s new subspecies was described in the absence of specimens, and according to the rules of nomenclature the name cannot stand. P.t.bintana is probably a synonym of the Sumatran tiger."

(Mazak & Groves, 2006: 284)


Conservation Status

Invalid (nomen nudum)



Sumatra, Indonesia


Biology & Ecology





Type locality: "Deli" (=Labuhandeli), Sumatra.






Original scientific description:

Kirk, G. (1994). Insel-Tiger Panthera tigris (Linnaeus, 1758). Säugetierkundl. Mitt. 35: 151-176.


Other references:

Kock, D. (1995). Zur Benennung des Tigers Panthera tigris L. auf Sunda – Inseln. Sa¨ugetierkundl. Mitt. 36: 123-126

Mazak, J. H. and Groves, Colin P. (2006). A taxonomic revision of the tigers (Panthera tigris) of Southeast Asia. Mammalian Biology 71: 268-287.


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