Lynx lynx sardiniae Mola, 1908

Sardinian lynx



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Lynx sardiniae Mola, 1908; Felis pardina sardiniae Mola, 1908


A subspecies of the European Lynx supposedly formerly endemic to the Italian island of Sardinia (Goodwin & Goodwin, 1973). However, there is no positive evidence that the species inhabited the island in the geologically recent past.


Conservation Status


Last record: c.1950 (Goodwin & Goodwin, 1973)



Sardinia, Italy


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Mola, Pasquale. (1908). Ancora della Lince della Sardegna. Bollettino della Società Zoologica Italiana Roma 9: 46-48.


Other references:

Goodwin, Harry A. and Goodwin, J. M. (1973). List of mammals which have become extinct or are possibly extinct since 1600. Int. Union Conserv. Nat. Occas. Pap. 8: 1-20.

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