Genetta poensis Waterhouse, 1838:59

King genet



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 1946

IUCN RedList status: Data Deficient


Okiwelu et al. (2008) reports buying a specimen of the "Forest Genet" (Genetta poensis) from a bush market in Nigeria for the specific purpose of counting insect numbers on the carcass until skeletonization. However, given the different common name, disparate geographical origin of this specimen, and the fact that the last known specimen of the King Genet was putatively seen in 1946, this identification is probably erroneous.



Congo, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko Island), Ghana and Liberia


Biology & Ecology




The King genet is generally stated as being known only from 10 specimens (e.g. Gaubert & Dunham, 2008). However, (Gaubert, 2003) lists 11 specimens, and so the exact number of specimens needs to be confirmed:


Holotype: BMNH (skin, sex unspecified)


Other specimens:

MNHN 1894-263 (skull)

MNHN 1897-508 (skin and skull)

MNHN 1908-58 (skin)

BMNH (juvenile; skin)

BMNH 1938.7.25.5 (skin and skull)

BMNH 46.394 (skin and skull)

BMNH 46.396 (skin and skull)

MFNB 6407 (skin and skull)

MFNB 59101 (skull)

BMNH 39.686 (skin)






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