Conepatus leuconotus telmalestes Bailey, 1905:203

Big-Thicket hog nosed skunk, Swamp hog-nosed skunk, White-backed skunk



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Conepatus mesoleucus telmalestes Bailey, 1905:203


Conservation Status

Extinct (Schmidly & Bradley 2016; Schmidly et al., 2022)

Last record: 1905 (Dragoo & Sheffield, 2009:6)



Big-Thicket, Hardin & Liberty counties, Texas (eastern), USA

Type locality: Big Thicket, 7 miles northeast of Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas (Schmidly et al., 2023:43)


Biology & Ecology




USNM 135098

USNM 136549

USNM 136550

USNM 136551

USNM 136533

USNM 136771

USNM 136772

USNM 136989

USNM 136990

USNM 140358

USNM 140359

USNM 140360






Original scientific description:

Bailey, V. E. (1905). Biological survey of Texas. North American Fauna 25: 1-222.


Other references:

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