Chambardia letourneuxi Servain, 1890



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Chambardia bourguignati Servain, 1890; Chambardia locardiana Servain, 1890; Chambardia pharaonum Servain, 1890; Chambardia rhynchoidea Servain, 1890; Chambardia rhynchonella Servain, 1890; Chambardia letourneuxiana Simpson, 1900; Chambardia locardi Pallary, 1909


Conservation Status


Last record: early 1900's

IUCN RedList status: Extinct



Lower Nile, Egypt


Biology & Ecology




16 shells (two halves per shell), exist in museum collections:

BMNH 1937-12-30-13154
SMF 12208
MNHN MP 0862
MNHN MP 0922
MNHN MP 0924
USNM 126496
MCZ MP.222
UMMZ 111963
USNM 86768
ANSP 47576



For phtographs of all specimens see:



Original scientific description:

Servain, G. (1890). Des Acéphales lamellibranches fluviatiles du système Européen. Bulletins de la Société Malacologique de France 7: 281-323.


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