Epioblasma florentina (I. Lea, 1857)

Yellow blossom pearly mussel, Yellow blossom



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Dysnomia florentina I. Lea, 1857; Epioblasma florentina florentina (I. Lea, 1857)


Conservation Status




Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, USA


Biology & Ecology




6 specimens are in the Illinois Natural History Survey mollusc [url=https://www.inhs.illinois.edu/animals_plants/mollusk/]collection[/url]:

INHS 20536
INHS 20537
INHS 20538
INHS 20539
INHS 20705
INHS 20706

A 7th specimen simply labelled "Epioblasma florentina" (INHS 17043) is probably also of the nominate (and extinct) subspecies






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