Chambardia letourneuxi Servain, 1890



Taxonomy & Nomenclature


Chambardia bourguignati Servain, 1890
Chambardia locardiana Servain, 1890
Chambardia pharaonum Servain, 1890
Chambardia rhynchoidea Servain, 1890
Chambardia rhynchonella Servain, 1890
Chambardia letourneuxiana Simpson, 1900
Chambardia locardi Pallary, 1909


Conservation Status

Last record: early 1900's

IUCN RedList status: Extinct



Lower Nile, Egypt


Biology & Ecology




16 shells (two halves per shell), exist in museum collections:

BMNH 1937-12-30-13154
SMF 12208
MNHN MP 0862
MNHN MP 0922
MNHN MP 0924
USNM 126496
MCZ MP.222
UMMZ 111963
USNM 86768
ANSP 47576



For phtographs of all specimens see:



Original scientific description:

Servain, G. (1890). Des Acéphales lamellibranches fluviatiles du système Européen. Bulletins de la Société Malacologique de France 7: 281-323.


Other references:

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