Aloe jucunda Reynolds



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record in the wild: 1953

Rediscovered in the wild on 10 February 1982


"Our destination, after going to Burao for petrol, was the rest-house and so-called Forest Reserve at Gaan Libah on the edge of a steep mountain escarpment. In this area Peter Bally had discovered one of the most attractive small Aloes, Aloe jucunda, which readily reproduces vegetatively and is now common in cultivation. Several botanists had searched the area since 1953 when Peter Bally first collected the species, but with no success, and so the species had been feared extinct in the wild. We were therefore delighted, when, on February 10th, with the aid of a local Somali who spoke a little English, we found numerous plants growing under Box scrub (Buxus hildebrandtii) along the edge of the escarpment."

(Johnson, 1982:12-13)





Biology & Ecology










Johnson, Margaret. (1982). Camel's Milk and Aloes: The travels of a Kew Expedition to Somalia. The Cactus and Succulent Journal of Great Britain 44(1): 9-16.


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