Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica Schinz, 1838:9

Pyrenean Ibex, Bucardo, Pyrenean wild goat



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 6 January 2000

IUCN status: Extinct


Celia, a 13-year old female, was the last living member of this species, just making it into the new millennium. She was sadly found dead, killed by a falling tree, on 6 January 2000. The exact reasons for the decline, and extinction, of this subspecies are unknown. However, competition with the chamois may have been a contributing factor (Herrero & Perez, 2008).



Pyrénées Mountains, Europe


Biology & Ecology




Ward (1892:183) lists 11 pairs of antlers, presumably all of this subspecies as opposed to some being from C. p. lusitanica given the localities from which they were apparently taken.






Original scientific description:

N. Denkschr. Schneiz. Ges. Natur. Wiss. vol.2 p.9.

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