Pritchardia sp. nov. 'Laysan'

Laysan fan palm



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Extinct if distinct (Christophersen & Caum, 1931:13)

Last record: 1891 (Munro, 1930:688)


See Christophersen & Caum (1931:12-13) for a detailed account of most reported historical encounters with the unknown Pritchardia palm on Laysan. Not recorded alive by Hugo Hermann Schauinsland in 1896, who only found stumps and roots (Schauinsland, 1899 [1996] fide Christophersen & Caum, 1931:12).



Laysan, Hawaiian Islands, USA


Biology & Ecology







At least four photos of living Laysan fan palms (Pritchardia sp. nov.) are known (Rothschild, 1893-1900; Christophersen & Caum, 1931:13; Athens et al., 2007:26). Two of which are reproduced below:


Above: the last two Laysan fan palms from a former grove (including dead trunks). Photographer unknown, but taken 1891-1896. Published in (Christophersen & Caum, 1931:pl.6B).


Above: a Laysan fan palm photographed between 1891-1893. Photographer unknown. Published in (Athens et al., 2007:26). Source: Wikimedia Commons.



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