Hyophorbe amaricaulis Mart. (1849:309)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Hyospathe amaricaulis (Mart.) Hook.f. in Rep. Progr. Condition Roy. Gard. Kew 1882: 59 (1884); Sublimia aevidaps Comm. ex Mart. in Hist. Nat. Palm. 3: 176 (1838), not validly publ.; Sublimia amaricaulis Comm. ex Mart. in Hist. Nat. Palm. 3: 309 (1849), not validly publ.; Areca speciosa Verschaff. in Nursery Cat. (Ambroise Verschaffelt) 69: 4 (1861)


Conservation Status

Extinct in the Wild (POWO, 2024)



Mauritius, Mascarene Islands


Biology & Ecology










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