Sclerophrys perreti (Schiøtz, 1963)

Perret’s toad



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Bufo perreti Schiøtz, 1963 (original combination); Amietophrynus perreti (Schiøtz, 1963)


Conservation Status

Last record: 1970

Rediscovered in 2013

IUCN RedList status: Vulnerable


More likely to have been relocated than rediscovered (Onadeko et al. 2014).



Idanre Hills,Ondo Province, Nigeria (southwestern)


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Schiøtz, A. (1963). The amphibians of Nigeria. Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening 125: 1-92.


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