Litoria dorsalis Macleay, 1878:138

Dwarf rocket frog



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Litoria dorsalis Macleay, 1877:138 [incorrect year; used by Cogger et al., 1983:42]; Hyla dorsalis (Macleay, 1878:138) [Boulenger, 1882, Cat. Batr. Sal. Coll. Brit. Mus., Ed. 2: 337, by implication]; Hyla dorsalis dorsalis (Macleay, 1878:138) [Cogger, 1966, Aust. Zool., 13: 222]; Llewellynura dorsalis (Macleay, 1878:138) [Wells and Wellington, 1985, Aust. J. Herpetol., Suppl. Ser., 1: 5]


L. microbelos (as Hyla dorsalis microbelos) was synonymised with L. dorsalis by (H. G. Cogger in Cogger et al., 1983:42), but it is nowadays treated as a valid species.


Conservation Status

Last record: 1877?

Rediscovered in 1956

IUCN RedList status: Least Concern



Papua New Guinea


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: presumed lost (Fry, 1913; Goldman et al., 1969; Cogger et al., 1983:42)

Type locality: "Mawatta, Binaturi River (as Katow), Papua New Guinea" (Cogger et al., 1983:42)






Original scientific description:

Macleay, W. J. (1878). The batrachians of the "Chevert" Expedition. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 2: 135-138.


Other references:

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