Dendrophryniscus proboscideus (Boulenger, 1882)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Rhamphophryne proboscidea Boulenger, 1882; Rhinella boulengeri Chaparro et al., 2007


Conservation Status

Last record: 1936

Rediscovered in 26 April 2000



Brazil & Salvador


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Boulenger, G. A. (1882). Catalogue of the Batrachia Salienta S. Ecaudata in the collection of the British Museum. 2nd ed. London, British Museum.


Other references:

Chaparro, J. C.; Pramuk, J. B.; Gluesenkamp, A. G.; Frost, D. R. (2007). Secondary homonymy of Bufo proboscideus Spix, 1824, with Phryniscus proboscideus Boulenger, 1882. Copeia. 2007 (4): 1029.

Feio, R. N., B. V. S. Pimenta, and D. L. Silvano. (2003). Rediscovery and biology of Rhamphophryne proboscidea (Boulenger, 1882) (Anura, Bufonidae). Amphibia-Reptilia 24(1): 108-112.


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