Craugastor escoces Savage, 1975:280

Heredia robber frog, Red-bellied frog



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Eleutherodactylus escoces Savage, 1975:280


Conservation Status

Last record: 1986

Rediscovered on 19 September 2016

IUCN RedList status: Extinct



Costa Rica


Biology & Ecology







Above: photo by Gilbert Alvarado Barboza y Randall Jiménez (CC 4.0). Source: Wikimedia Commons.



Original scientific description:

Savage, J. M. (1975). Systematics and distribution of the Mexican and Central American stream frogs related to Eleutherodactylus rugulosus. Copeia 1975: 254-306.

Other references:

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Jiménez, Randall and Alvarado, Gilbert. (2017). Craugastor escoces (Anura: Craugastoridae) reappears after 30 years: rediscovery of an “extinct” Neotropical frog. Amphibia-Reptilia 38(2): 257-259. [Abstract]

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