Anas chlorotis peculiaris Mathews, 1937

South Island brown teal



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Elasmonetta chlorotis peculiaris Mathews, 1937


The North and South Island brown teals have never been formally described as separate taxa (source). However, Southey and Mitchmough (2000) found that birds from the North Island were closer to those from the Chatham Islands, with birds from the south of the South Island being an outgroup. The single known preserved specimen from the north of the South Island is different again, though whether it is typical of birds from that location is not know given the miniscule sample size. Thus Anas chlorotis may actually be a complex of cryptic*, or nearly cryptic, subspecies.


*Here 'cryptic' refers to the similarity of the phenotypes of the putatively different Brown teals, and not their elusiveness.


Conservation Status


Last record: 1990's



South Island, New Zealand


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Mathews, Gregory M. (1937). Notes on New Zealand Ducks. The Emu 37: 31-32.


Other references:

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