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Eliomys morpheus Bate, 1918

Majorcan giant doormouse



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Hypnomys morphaeus Bate, 1918; Hypnomys morpheus Bate, 1918


Conservation Status

Last record: 5890 ± 35 yBP (4840–4690 cal. BC) (Bover & Alcover, 2007)



Mallorca & Majorca, Spain






Material in the Vertebrate Collection ‘Museu de la Naturalesa de les Illes Balears’ (MNIB, Palma de Mallorca) (all unaccessioned)

2 femurs
1 tibia
1 pelvis


Specimens examined by (Hautier et al. 2009)

Mandible outline

IMEDEA 64321, IMEDEA 64324, IMEDEA 63904, IMEDEA 63901, IMEDEA 6390, IMEDEA 64332, IMEDEA 64330, IMEDEA 64338, IMEDEA 64335, IMEDEA 63977, IMEDEA 63840, IMEDEA 63800, IMEDEA 63798, IMEDEA 63802, IMEDEA 63801, IMEDEA 63705, IMEDEA 64013, IMEDEA 64154, IMEDEA 64158, IMEDEA 64141, IMEDEA 64144, IMEDEA 64148, IMEDEA 63305, IMEDEA 63301, IMEDEA 64462, IMEDEA 64105, IMEDEA 64155

Microwear analysis

IMEDEA 63020, IMEDEA 63729, IMEDEA 63833, IMEDEA 63837, IMEDEA 63839, IMEDEA 63840, IMEDEA 63883, IMEDEA 63904, IMEDEA 63977, IMEDEA 63979, IMEDEA 64019, IMEDEA 64020, IMEDEA 64052, IMEDEA 64141, IMEDEA 64155, IMEDEA 64157, IMEDEA 64247, IMEDEA 64294, IMEDEA 64296, IMEDEA 64326, IMEDEA 64466, IMEDEA 63903, IMEDEA L8






Original scientific description:

Bate, D. M. A. (1918), On a new Genus of Extinct, Muscardine Rodent from the Balearic Islands. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 88: 209-222. [Abstract]


Other references:

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