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rediscovered species: The Darjeeling False Wolf Snake was rediscovered after many decades. Another snake, the Jerdon’s Red Spotted Pit-viper, was recorded from India for the first time at Eaglenest. The Abor Hills Agama (Mictopholis austeniana), a lizard, was rediscovered here 130 years after it was first observed.

Several rare species, e.g. Colymbetes minimus (originally collected by the famous explorer Sven Hedin in 1901), Mataeopsephus nitidipennis (not collected since 1849!), or Metagyrinus sinensis have been rediscovered. Long-nosed potoroo rediscovered in Victoria in 1961. (rediscovered species?) : 14:45 Rediscovery of an “extinct” fish that was never described, Gila sp. of Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila, México: data on its description, ecology and captive care. : Rediscovery of Headwater Catfish, Ictalurus lupus (Ictaluridae), in a Western Gulf Slope Drainage

Blackburnia debilis (Perkins, 1917) rediscovered in 2005?
Blackburnia lenta 1895-before 2005
Mecyclothorax rusticus 1896-before 2005
Mecyclothorax nubicola 1878-before 2005

Re-discovery of Cynisca bifrontalis in Gabon, with additional notes on Monopeltis galeata (Reptilia: Amphisbaenia) . Afr. J. Herpetol.

Local rediscovery:


He has overlooked the rediscoveries of the
Maui Akepa (Loxops coccirzea ochracea) (p. 21), Maui Nukupuu ’ (Hemignathus lucidus &ink-)
(p. 22), Maui Parrotbill (Pseudonestor xanthophrys) (p. 52)


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Ecological and Evolutionary Significance of Sizes of Giant Extinct Kangaroos

Ancestor species seems to be extinct:

Neanderthal and animal karstic occupations from southern Belgium and south-eastern France: Regional or common features?

Late Pleistocene galls from the La Brea Tar Pits and their implications for cynipine wasp and native plant distribution in southern California ["This material also includes previously undescribed species"]

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Coprinisphaera ecuadoriensis: (Upper Pleistocene)

Potentially new species:

Extinction biases in Quaternary Caribbean lizards

Extinct flagships: linking extinct and threatened species. Oryx

Reviving Galápagos snails: ancient DNA extraction and amplification from shells of probably extinct Galápagos endemic land snails

Extinct Beringian wolf morphotype found in the continental U.S. has implications for wolf migration and evolution

"More recently, Watanabe et al. (2005) reported
the extinction of four charophytes that were endemic to
Japan: Chara fibrosa Agardh var. brevibracteata Kasaki,
Chara globularis Thuillier var. hakonensis Kasaki, Nitella
flexilis (L.) Agardh var. bifurcata Kasaki and Nitella
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Foenobethylus gracilis a lost species

Dendrobium pseudotenellum, extinct in the wild?????

Clelia clelia immaculata is known from only two specimens,the type collected by Major and another from Paso del Rio, Colima (Smith, 1942).

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Surroundx (comment # 2): regarding which extant varanids are known from their type specimens only, note that even those where only a single specimen has been deposited in a collection (e.g., V. caerulivirens and, I think, V. cerambonensis, V. finschi, V. macraei, V. melinus and V. doreanus) are known from other specimens that have been seen live (often in the pet trade). There are quite a few species known from only two or three or four specimens (e.g., V. juxtindicus, V. mabitang). Anybody know how many V. olivaceus specimens are present in collections? Might just be the holotype. Likewise for V. kingorum, perhaps. This is not meant to be a complete list, more of a discussion… I’d have to spend a long while trawling through the primary literature for better answers.

As for whether the new specimen of V. bogerti represents a ‘rediscovery’ – I don’t think so, because (so far as I know) nobody ever thought that it might be extinct; it was just regarded as rare and under-sampled (and, indeed, it remains so).


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"Smelly indigenous lilly saved from extinction. Ljubljana/Debeli rtic, 19 August - An indigenous Slovenian plant, believed to have been extinct until it was rediscovered in 2010, was replanted from a landfill site to a park in Ankaran (SW), where it is expected to flourish once more in June next year."

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[u]Data Sets of Sightings[/u]

[url=]According[/url] to the Australian Rare Fauna Research Association (ARFRA), they had "some 3800 mainland sightings of an animal answering the description of the Tassie Tiger", as well as documentation of "predation, vocalisations and prints" in 2011, and so presumably closer to 3,900 today.

Cryptozoologist Chris Rehberg, on his website WLMD (Where Light Meets Dark), has an archive of thylacine reports:

[i]This is interesting:[/i]

"According to the original commentary for the DVD of the Howling 3 (2002-2007 edition, later versions lack the commentary) the director originally wanted a thylacine scene so made up a dog to resemble that animal. Before shooting, however, the animal escaped and several mainland thylacine sightings were the result.

It may be informative to find out the date and location of that movie[']s shooting to see if any reports date from that location and time. If so those reports can probably be eliminated."


"My Dad once told me (and my mother) that he had seen a live one at Healesville Sanctuary (Vic) when he was a boy, in the late 1920's or early 30's.

We were talking about this recently and she rang the Sanctuary and checked, and yes they admitted they did have a couple of Tigers in captivity there but they don't like to admit they actually had them!!!"



A Wilf Batty interview


An interview with Alison Reid


An Animal X series segment on cloning the thylacine:


An Animal X series episode containing a story about mainland thylacine sightings/encoutners:


Cloning the Tasmanian Tiger, a documentary about the work of Dr. Mike Archer and his team in trying to bring the Thylacine back to life.


The Monster Quest episode on the Tasmanian tiger, including interviews with Col Bailey and other "believers".


Murray McCalister, Victorian thylacines and headless 'roos, including eyewitness reports


An episode of The Big Country television series about Jeremy Griffith's search for the thylacine (1973):


The Animal X TV episode on the thylacine, narrated by the late Bill Kerr:


The only 19th century photograph of a living thylacine:


"Timid Devils and Ghost Tigers"


Robert Bagshaw's search for the thylacine


Reconstruction of the thylacine's running gait, contrast with the "Doyle footage":


Fictional web series (Out of the Shadows) concerning the Tasmanian tiger:


A children's program that fuses fact and fiction:


The brief segment on the thylacine, part of David Day's television program:





Accidentally listed as extinct

Isoetes sinensis
Opisthopatus roseus
Peripatopsis clavigera
Elimia varians



Anthropocene papers

HanxiangLiu et al. (2018). Evaluating the timing of the start of the Anthropocene from Northeast China: Applications of stratigraphic indicators. Ecological Indicators
Volume 84, January 2018, Pages 738-747. [[url=]Abstract[/url]]

Jan Zalasiewicz et al. (2017). The Working Group on the Anthropocene: Summary of evidence and interim recommendations. Anthropocene 19: 55-60. [[url=]Abstract[/url]]


Literature databases Access




Museum collections


[b]Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle:[/b]

Whole list of museums!:




Not found after surveys / "missing"
Hyloscirtus colymba

Liparis goodyeroides

Liparis miniata

Furcifer voeltzkowi

Brookesia dentata

Chamaeleon grandidieri

Serruria furcellata

Staavia zeyheri

Staavia trichotoma

Ruschia klipbergensis

Phylica burchellii

Oxalis crispula

Oxalis stokoei

Oxalis albiuscula

Oxalis anomala

Manulea minor

Ledebouria coriacea

Lotononis perplexa

Kalanchoe alticola

Ixia cochlearis

Ixia stolonifera

Hereroa concava

Hereroa herrei

Hermannia cordifolia

Hermannia helicoidea

Hesperantha karooica

Hymenogyne glabra namaquensis

Gnidia parvula

Wahlenbergia constricta

Wahlenbergia namaquana

Wahlenbergia oligantha

Wahlenbergia polyclada

Wahlenbergia pyrophila

Wahlenbergia subulata tenuifolia

Wiborgiella vlokii

Zyrphelis ciliaris ciliaris

Zaluzianskya kareebergensis

Felicia annectens

Felicia deserti

Festuca dracomontana

Elegia fastigiata

Erica viridimontana

Erica rupicola

Erica russakiana

Erica oxyandra

Erica micrandra

Erica involvens

Erica eglandulosa

Erica greyi

Erica cavartica

Erica coruscans

Erica bakeri

Eriospermum attenuatum

Eriospermum papilliferum

Eriospermum parvulum

Euchaetis longicornis

Euryops polytrichoides

Euryops subcarnosus minor

Euryops tenuilobus

Drosanthemum capillare

Drosanthemum edwardsiae

Disa brevipetala

Disa forficaria

Cuscuta gerrardii

Cyphia corylifolia

Cynorhiza meifolia

Conophytum fibuliforme

Conophytum lithopsoides

Corpuscularia angustipetala

Colchicum swazicum

Chasmatophyllum rouxii

Cephalaria wilmsiana

Brunia pillansii

Brachystelma gracillimum

Berkheya caffra

Blepharis dilatata

Astridia lutata

Aspalathus marginalis

Aspalathus densifolia

Aspalathus empetrifolia

Aspalathus fasciculata

Asparagus biflorus

Aspidoglossum flanaganii

Arctotis hispidula

Argyrolobium petiolare

Drosanthemum autumnale

Erepsia simulans

Euphorbia aggregata

Euryops microphyllus

Lessertia phillipsiana

Microdon linearis

Muraltia aspalathoides

Osteospermum spathulatum

Psammotropha marginata

Ruschia intermedia

Ruschia subteres

Schizoglossum bidens gracile

Oxalis marlothii

Conophytum regale

Senecio euryopoides

Wahlenbergia tenuis

Albuca obtusa

Thesium fallax

Albuca patersoniae

Agathosma lancifolia

Adromischus cristatus zeyheri

Adenandra gracilis

Adenandra odoratissima tenuis

Adenogramma littoralis

Solanum lanuginosum

Dypsis rakotonasoloi

Dypsis soanieranae

Dypsis tsaratananensis

Dypsis lanuginosa

Dypsis lucens

Dypsis mangorensis

Dypsis metallica

Dypsis monostachya

Dypsis plumosa

Dypsis henrici

Calyptranthes arenicola

Brachystelma dimorphum gratum R.A.Dyer

Dypsis ankaizinensis




Relocated taxa
Megalara garuda a wasp known from specimens collected in 1930, further dead specimens found in 2009:

Anosov, Sergey E. et al. (2018). [url=]Long time hidden: second record in the type locality and redescription of rare caridean shrimp [i]Lebbeus uschakovi[/i] (Kobjakova, 1936) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Thoridae)[/url]. Arthropoda Selecta 27(1): 37-48.

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Description of the female, egg and first instar nymph of the stick insect Paraphasma paulense (Phasmatodea: Pseudophasmatidae) from Southeast Brazil:

Thesium subsimile

Prismatocarpus lycioides

Oxalis melanograpta

Moraea worcesterensis

Muraltia ferox

Blepharis laevifolia

Asclepias concinna

Gladiolus filiformis

Lobelia cuneifolia

Pteronia oppositifolia

Schizoglossum bidens hirtum

Aloinopsis loganii (

Oligosoma homalonotum

Alopecoenas hoedtii

Lophura inornata
Glassman, S. F. (1971). [url=]Rediscovery of [i]Syagrus werdermannii[/i] Burret[/url]. Fieldiana: Botany 34(1): 1-10.

Corallus cropanii (1970-2003)


Tridacna noae

First observations of Tridacna noae (Röding, 1798) (Bivalvia: Heterodonta: Cardiidae) in Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)


"In an ideal world, the researcher would set out to find living material of these
putative new species. These efforts are sometimes successful, as in the case of the plant
first collected by Jim Solomon in 1985, then recollected, sequenced and described
as I. lactifera J.R.I. Wood & Scotland after rediscovery in 2014 (Wood et al 2015)."

Wood, John R. I. et al. (2015). Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) in Bolivia Kew Bulletin 70(31): 1-123. [[url=]Abstract[/url]]

Nama lobii: [b]Species Bibliography:[/b]

Kagan, Jimmy and Vrilakas, Susan. (1993). [url=]Extinct and Extirpated Plants from Oregon[/url]. Kalmiopsis [1993]: 12-16.
Article 2




Search for papers: Access




Specimen killing and non-type taxonomic descriptions

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New records of one of the least known snakes, Telescopus pulcher (Squamata: Colubridae) from the Horn of Africa

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Present and former holdings of European zoos: [pinterest thylacine documents]


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