Opamyrma hungvuong Yamane, Bui & Eguchi, 2008



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China & Vietnam


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Original scientific description:

Yamane, S., Bui, T. V. and Eguchi, K. (2008). Opamyrma hungvuong, a new genus and species of ant related to Apomyrma. Zootaxa 1767: 55-63.


Other references:

Chen, Z.L., Shi, F.M. & Zhou, S.Y. 2017: First record of the monotypic genus Opamyrma (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from China. – Far Eastern Entomologist 335: 7-11.

Yamada, Aiki et al. (2020). Unveiling the morphology of the Oriental rare monotypic ant genus Opamyrma Yamane, Bui & Eguchi, 2008 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Leptanillinae) and its evolutionary implications, with first descriptions of the male, larva, tentorium, and sting apparatus. Myrmecol. News 30: 27-52. [automatic download]


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