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Salacca lophospatha J.Dransf. & Mogea



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Invalid (synonym of Lophospatha borneensis)


Conservation Status

Rediscovered prior to invalidity?

Listed as extinct by (Humphreys et al., 2019)





Biology & Ecology










Dransfield, J. & Mogea, J.P. (1981). A reassessment of the genus Lophospatha Burret. Princeps; Journal des la Société Palmophile Francophone 25: 178-180.

Humphreys, Aelys M. et al. (2019). Global dataset shows geography and life form predict modern plant extinction and rediscovery. Nature Ecology & Evolution 3: 1043-1047. [Abstract] [Supplementary Dataset 1]


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