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Plagiobothrys hystriculus (Piper) I. M. Johnst.

Bearded popcorn flower, Bearded popcornflower, Bearded allocarya



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Allocarya hystricula Piper, 1920


Conservation Status

Last record: 1892

Rediscovered in ?



California, USA


Biology & Ecology










Humphreys, Aelys M., Govaerts, Rafaël, Ficinski, Sarah Z., Lughadha, Eimear Nic and Vorontsova, Maria S. (2019). Global dataset shows geography and life form predict modern plant extinction and rediscovery. Nature Ecology & Evolution 3: 1043-1047. [Abstract] [Supplementary Dataset 1]

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Preston, Robert E., Schafer, Brad D. and Widdowson, Margaret. (2010). Rediscovery of Plagiobothrys hystriculus (Boraginaceae) and notes on its habitat and associates. Madroño 57(4): 242-245. [Abstract]


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