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Megalocnus rodens Leidy, 1868:180



Myomorphus cubensis Pomel, 1868; Megalocnus rodens rodens Leidy, 1868; Oryctotherius cubensis Spencer, 1895; Megalonyx rodens Allen, 1911; Megalocnus rodens casimbae Matthew, 1959; Megalocnus ursulus Matthew, 1959; Megalocnus junius Matthew, 1959; Megalocnus intermedius Mayo, 1969
Common Name/s
Cuban giant sloth
Last Record
4,250 +/- 50 yrs BP
IUCN status
Not evaluated
TSE forum thread
The youngest radiocarbon date attained is 4,250 +/- 50 yrs (Steadman et. al. 2005). Hence this species survived well into the Holocene. But because of a lack of dateable specimens, [i]Megalocnus[/i] and [i]Homo sapiens sapiens[/i] cannot be shown to have overlapped temporally. Hence extinction by humans, though very probably the true cause, cannot be demonstrated at present.

García & Páez (2000:86) treat [i]Megalocnus rodens[/i] as a synonym of [i]M. intermedius[/i].
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