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Hypotaenidia hypoleucus Finsch & Hartlaub, 1867:163

Tongatapu rail



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Rallus hypoleucus Finsch & Hartlaub, 1867:163; Gallirallus hypoleucus Finsch & Hartlaub, 1867:163


Conservation Status

Last record: 1777



Tongatapu, Tonga


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Finsch, O. and Hartlaub, G. (1867). Beitrag zur fauna centralpolynesiens. Ornithologie der Viti-, Samoa- und Tonga Inseln. Halle: H.W. Schmidt.


Other references:

Medway, David G. (2010). The Tongatapu rail Gallirallus hypoleucus (Finsch & Hartlaub, 1867) – an extinct species resurrected? Notornis 57(4): 199-203.

Taylor: Rails: A Guide to Rails, Crakes, Gallinules and Coots of the World.


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