Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni Kessler, 1877

Dwarf sturgeon, Little Amu-Darya shovelnose, Little shovelnose sturgeon, Small Amu-dar shovelnose sturgeon


Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermani Severtzov, 1877; Scaphirhynchus hermanni Kessler, 1877; Pseudoscaphirhynchus rossikowi Nikolskii, 1900
Common Name
Last Record
April 1996
IUCN status
[url=https://www.iucnredlist.org/details/18600/0]Critically Endangered[/url]
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The last confirmed record of this species was in April, 1996 when 3 specimens were caught; the first record in 15 years (Birstein, 1997). However, local poachers may still be catching this species (Mugue, 2009) and efforts should be made to confirm this as, if the species does still persist, there is still hope for a conservation program to save the species from extinction.
[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

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