Ramphotyphlops marxi Wallach, 1993

Marx's worm snake



Typhlops marxi, Wallach 1993;
Common Name
Samar Island, Philippines
Last Record
IUCN status
[url=https://www.iucnredlist.org/details/169830/0]Data Deficient[/url]
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[b]Holotype:[/b] FMNH 96520

[b]Type locality:[/b] "Tarabucan, four miles southeast of spur of Sigarag Mountains, Matuguinao Municipality, extreme northern Western Samar".
This species is only known from the holotype (Gonzalez & Diesmos, 2007), but probably still exists. Neverthelss it is listed here as there is no known population, and hence extinction is a possibility
[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

Wallach, V. (1993). A new species of blind snake, Typhlops marxi, from the Philippines (Serpentes: Typhlopidae). Raffles Bull. Zool. 41(2): 263-278.

[b]Species Bibliography:[/b]

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