Pseudoxyrhopus ankafinaensis Raxworthy & Nussbaum, 1994

Ankafina brook Snake, Ankafina ground snake


Ankafina Mountain, High Plateau, Madagascar
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IUCN status
[url=]Critically Endangered[/url]
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[b]Holotype:[/b] BM 1882.2.25.65 (adult male)

[b]Type locality:[/b] "Ankafana (sic), Betsileo, Madagascar"
Only known from the holotype.
[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

Raxworthy, Christopher J. and Nussbaum, Ronald A. (1994). [url=]Review of the Madagascan snake genera Pseudoxyrhopus, Pararhadinaea and Heteroliodon (Squamata: Colubridae)[/url]. Miscellaneous Publications of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan 182: 1-37. [Warning: 12.2 MB file]

[b]Species Bibliography:[/b]

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